Oh boy I can’t wait

One of the joys of being a writer is actually getting paid for your work.  Well okay the biggest one is having readers but getting paid is right up there.

Today I got my first payment from D2D and went right out and ordered more silicon baking pans on Ebay.  Yes on Ebay.

See you can pick up a lot of good stuff with free shipping if you pay attention.  So I wanted to get new and fun shapes to cook with.  I picked up star shapes for my banana bread loaves since I used up my tinfoil ones and round ones.  I am debating about picking up rose shaped ones.

The round ones are obviously to be used making muffins.  Okay yes I have been using my Halloween ones currently and the heart shaped ones for my brownies but I wanted to do something different.

One thing I am hoping to find is a nice set of christmas ones to use.  Just having fun in baking for sure.


About suteko

Writer, poet, mother and wife. I can be found all over the net. I have a paperback from JustFiction! short stories. novels and novellas on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, ITunes and other retailers.
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