Using chocolate chips instead of wafers

As you readers know I have been playing with making my own molded chocolates.  Melting and mixing the different flavored oils has been a great learning experience on what to use and what not to use.

When making molded chocolates you can use chips but the wafers are much easier.  The chips tend to melt down into a thicker mass than the wafers do.  As you can see by this photo

100_6114  Looks like frosting right?  Well it is a bit thicker.  This made it interesting adding to the various molds I used.  I have leaf shaped molds, pumpkins and I used one of my frozen treat molds to have bonbons.

100_6117 100_6115 100_6116  Yes these messy looking things are the stage before they get put in the frig to firm up.  It is definitely more of a mess when using your chocolate chips than using wafers.  I think come Christmas when I want to try and make my own chocolate covered cherries i will stick to the wafers.

Now once I let them sit in the frig for a half hour or so I pulled them out and took an exacto knife and cut off the extra bits.  If you want your candies to look close to professional you will need to do this.  You are just trimming them like you would any thing else you molded.

And I will say that the trimming did not go to waste.  My husband and daughter scarfed them up before I got out of the way!  Still a fun little project and something pretty inexpensive for holiday gift giving.  I hope my friends like chocolate as much as we do.

Now I have images of two of the tools that are helpful to use.

100_6119 100_6118 Okay the pictures are lousy but what we have is an eyedropper for adding the chocolate oil flavorings and a mini spoon to add the mixes to your molds.  These mini spoons where part of a set my mother in law had in a drawer.  I don’t know if they have ever been used but they are the right size to use to fill small molds.  I would recommend of course you find out what works best for you and to experiment.  You never know what you will end up with.


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