Researching a new ingredient

If you are like me from time to time you pick up something new that you nave never had before as an experiment.  The local bulk barn had bags of dried barberries for 99 cents a bag.  Well of course I thought, why not?  They looked like mini raisins and I adore putting raisins of all kinds on my oatmeal in the morning or in cookies, even in my stirfries.

Well first thing this little gems are not sweet.  They are sour, like the cranberry.  So unless you like a sour flavor in your oatmeal I would say don’t try them.  But onto the research.

As we all know you can find out pretty much anything on the web.  Of course you have to sift through the sand for the gem but that is the fun.  One of the sites I pulled up explained that these little dried fruits are a part of Iranian cooking.  Now I had an idea where they came from.

It went on to explain you use them in things like curries or on lamb and pork.  Then the lightbulb went off in my little head.  See I cook a lot of pork because up here in Canada it is pretty much the cheapest meat you can get.  Beef is out of my price range unless it has been ground up and I was shocked at how much chicken costs.  So finding new and exciting ways to cook my pork is a good thing.

What they recommend you do is to soak the little things in some cold water for about ten minutes before using them.  You can then add them to a stuffing of rice and onions or mix them into your sauce.

I plan on trying various ways of using these little guys and see what my hubby thinks.  Why don’t you?


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