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Happy Memorial Day all you Americans, no matter where you are!

Yup it is here.  The official start of summer for Americans.  As an American living in our great northern neighbor Canada, I get to celebrate two weekends, the great sacrifice made by our heroes in uniform.  I have commented on … Continue reading

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What do you do if you run out of fresh?

Yup it happened.  As you blog readers know I make muffins pretty much once or twice a week for my loving family.  I generally use a piece of fresh fruit to make something healthy and tasty but well…I ran out! … Continue reading

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Tomato or not to tomato

Yes a silly title for a post but one recommended by one of the authors in my writers groups. See we were talking about tomatoes. The uses of them, the taste of them, how some people are allergic and how … Continue reading

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Saving money by making your own

Yup I have commented on this before.  By making your own you are saving money and you know just what is in your food.  Now one of the things that used to bug me was buying bread crumbs to make … Continue reading

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