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More soup and what is this a muffin?

Yup I have done more soups. I know it seems like I have been just making soup lately but it is the season of cold and snow and rain, so soups are a great thing. I have so enjoyed just … Continue reading

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Sweet potato and apple soup…oh my

Yup another soup. Like the squash and pumpkin ones, this is a creamy style soup. Warm, hardy and oh so yummy, it is something you could put on your day after thanksgiving lunch table or even as the soup course … Continue reading

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Uses for that yummy pumpkin

At this time of year most people seem to think that pumpkins are just for carving up for Halloween and then tossing in the trash. Not so say I! As a long time resident of New Hampshire and a short … Continue reading

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A new soup made from seasonal

Yup today I decided I had to make soup out of the cooked squash I have. Now most of the recipes for squash based soups call for a ton of butter and heavy cream but I actually made a really … Continue reading

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