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A new mascot and an understanding of what works

Last week I put up the recipes for both Macaroni salad and potato salad. Well as much as I love potato salad it seems my hubby and daughter prefer something else. The kid will eat the macaroni salad but only … Continue reading

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Prepping for those upcoming national holidays…or how about macaroni and potato salads

As you my readers know both Canada and the US have national holidays coming up in a little bit. As a busy wife, mother, writer, artist and more I am constantly looks for new things after all. Today I decided … Continue reading

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The weekend looks to be hot and wet…lets make something cold and sweet to enjoy

Yup I decided I had to make some of the recipes I have been sharing along with making a new one. Now for those of you who haven’t been following my blog for long you might be wondering what I … Continue reading

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Putting a zing in your simple sandwich…or how about we try making a sour pickle

as many of you know I am doing my best to make as many of my families foods from scratch as I can. This past week since summer is upon us I thought I would try and make pickles again. … Continue reading

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