Making your own hot drinks..or hey it is fall right, time for goodness!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hot drinks. Not the coffee that everyone else seems to love but flavored hot chocolate and various interesting teas. While you can find fun teas in your local grocery store or at the bulk barn, it is harder to find good hot chocolate.

Well I don’t yet have a proven recipe for do it yourself from scratch hot cocoa (I will by next week) but this past week I made an amazingly tasty spiced chai!

See I had this tin filled with black tea (bags). I don’t like basic black tea. It is too harsh for me. This doesn’t make me all that odd but it did make me want to find some use for all those bags of tea. What I did was cut them open and put the loose tea into a large tin. What you will find when you open tea bags is that most of the time it is damn near powdered tea. Unlike buying bulk where you will get dried leaves, so you will need a very fine tea ball with a mesh.

After I did that I added the following

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/8 black pepper

it was then that I realized that I needed a few other spices so I went to bulk barn and picked up green cardamon pods and star anise.

I took the tablespoon of the two spices and ground them up in my Magic Bullet till they were relatively fine. I then added it to the mix and sealed the container and shook it well. Filling a tea ball I then put it into the small coffee maker I have. Running a full pot of water through the maker made a scent fill the kitchen that was totally amazing.

Adding sugar and milk to a tea cup I then poured it in and had the most amazing chai I had tasted. Chai, unlike many other teas, is meant to be drunk with milk. In many cultures it is actually brewed in milk but I didn’t do it this time.

Now I mentioned hot coca. I have found two recipes that will be from scratch without using store brand hot cocoa as a base. I hope this comes out good.


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One Response to Making your own hot drinks..or hey it is fall right, time for goodness!

  1. Ch'kara says:

    sounds yum will definitely try it

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