Recipe: Pickled Broccoli

Now i have put up the recipe for both sweet and sour pickle just recently so you will need to refer back to them. If you haven’t got the recipe you can pull it up in the search box to the right.

Simply put most times we only eat the top florets of the broccoli and toss the leaves and stems. Now in this we will just be dealing with the stems but you need to realize you can toss the leaves into your stir fries for sure.

First thing you will need to is cut off the bumps and lumps that line the stem so it is smoothish. Then you will need to peel off the outer layer. I used my potato peeler but you could use a knife if you feel more comfy that way.

Once you have the rough outer part off you then slice it up into pieces. I went for the typical rounds that most pickles come in. Pack them into a clean, recycled jar and pour over either your sweet or sour pickle juice mix. Place in the refrigerator and let pickle for a few days. Once you have you can eat them straight from the jar or toss them into salads or even the ever changing stir fries.


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