Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar

Now anyone who has decided to make things themselves has noticed that Apple Cider Vinegar is all the rage. I mean it is in a TON of recipe right? Well there is an interesting thing folks. Did you know you can make your own easily? I really mean easy too.

See I am sure a lot of you have been drying your apple peels and using that wonderful fruit for sauces and jams and jellys and juice and tea and so many other things. But what do you do with the core. You know that part that has the seeds and stem and that little thing on the bottom?

Now I know some people just go ahead and eat the whole thing but most of us do not. We generally nibble all around it or cut it out and toss it. Well I am telling you don’t!

Simply put you use those nice cores to make your own vinegar! Yup and it is simple too. Basically you need the following:

Apple cores (as many as you have left I had four after making apple cherry sauce)

1 t sugar

a clean recycled jar

a coffee filter (those paper ones that you should not be using but we all have a few right?)

a rubber band


What you do is pack those lovely cores into your clean jar. Then you cover them with water and add the sugar. Use your jar lid to shake it up nicely, then remove and then wrap the coffee filter around the opening of the jar as a cover, using the rubber band to keep in place.  Place in in a dark place, like the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet. Let it sit for a week.

Now you might ask what about mold? Well what you do is go check it from time to time and scoop out the gunk, it wont mess up the vinegar. Each time you scoop things out you should smell that particular vinegary scent that you get when fruit is brewing. Now the recipe I found online must have been made in the winter because they said it would take weeks and weeks but at the end of a week I had a nice jar of vinegar.

Once it becomes vinegar you will need to strain out the chucks of apple. Now this will be cloudier than the stuff you see in the store. You can remove the particulates simply by straining it through a new clean coffee filter or a piece of cheese cloth. Once you do place it in your refrigerator and it will be ready to use in any way you wish.

I just placed some watermelon rinds in mine with a touch of salt to make pickles. Should be interesting.


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