Another Pickle today: Pickled Carrots

Yesterday I explored making pickles out of broccoli stems and today lets look at carrots.  Like any vegetable out there you can pickle it. Heck from what I know about Japanese cuisine you can pickle pretty much anything. So I decided to pickle a couple of my carrots since usually that is what I end up not using up.

You will need the following:

two large carrots

pickling juice (I used left over from my sweet pickles)

clean recycled jars

The process is pretty simple. Wash, peel and chop up your carrots like you would for any other use. Today I went with simple rounds instead of sticks. Now most online blog recommend you blanch them before you add the juice but I didn’t. Let me say you dont really need to. I just tasted one and it has a nice snap and picked up the pickling juice flavor perfectly. I can see using these in my stir fries and in everything from salads to sandwiches. Quick tasty.


About suteko

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