I know it is late but

Okay Halloween was Tuesday and maybe I should have posted then but well as you can imagine I was busy.

Now pumpkin is the best part of Halloween for me, well other than the fun candy and costumes that is. I picked up a nice medium sized pumpkin this year. Not too big and not too small. While we didn’t carve it up for a jack o lantern I did use it for as much food type stuff I could.

Of course I have made up the traditional pumpkin seeds which my daughter claimed before they even got out of the oven. This year I decided to see what I could do both with the skin of the pumpkin and the ewie goey stringy gut of the pumpkin.

The skin can be turned into a dried chip like treat pretty simply. All you need to do is put it in your oven at the lowest temp it can reach. When I looked up the process they recommended lightly brushing them with oil and then dusting them with salt and paprika. So that is what I did.

You put them in the oven over night and in the morning you will have a crispy set of peels that can be used for a snack, a garnish or even mixed into your next batch of yummy tea!

Now the strings. Most of us just dump them in the trash and I really have thought it was a waste for the longest time. Well if you take the strings, after you remove the seeds of course, place them in your crock pot and cover them with water. Set your crock pot to the lower setting and let it simmer for the day. Once it has just pop it into your blender and buzz it till it is smooth. You will have a lovely pumpkin stock that you can use for almost as many uses as your basic chicken stock.


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