About the New England Cook

I was born and raised in Nashua, NH.  In 2010 I moved away from my beloved home state to the great white north of Canada.  Much of this new place was different but many things were the same.  I was mostly amazed to find that things I was used to making and eating were not served by my new mother in law.  In the years I have lived here I have been introducing new and old recipes to my new family and friends.

Back home we were not a part of the US that thought that all Canadians only ate bacon and drank beer (Or that they lived in igloos!) but it is funny that so many thought that I would make baked beans and clam chowder as my preferred dishes.  I am not a fan of the latter and I only rarely make the former.   There are many, many dishes that are regional and many things that are family dishes.

I offer the gleanings I have gotten from family cookbooks, growing up poor and of course what I have come up with on my own.


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