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Recipe: Kaylan’s cookie mistake

I only calls these that because she was supposed to be using my muffin recipe but made a mistake and out came these tasty cookies     2 1/2 c flour 1 c sugar 3 t baking powder 1 t … Continue reading

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A simple mistake can make a new recipe

Last week my daughter and her friends asked me to write down a few of my recipes so they could try to make them. First off I should say the three girls were 10, 11, and 12. So I went … Continue reading

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Another cookie recipe

Okay it has been a bit since I posted here.  Been a bad bit of time with the humidity making it hard for me to type or to do much at all.  Since I have been bad and not doing … Continue reading

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Cookies again, why not?

Yup I have another cookie recipe.  Yes i know mid summer is not the time you expect Now Oatmeal cookies have a lot more ingredients but they are so very easy to make and surely very easy to eat!  I … Continue reading

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Lets try some Shortbread

Now my hubby is a huge fan of the simple yet difficult short bread cookie.  You can get them all over it is true but making your own is of course so much better.  The most important part of this … Continue reading

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A Christmas treat in July

Now normally I hold off on making these until the holidays but I thought why not put them up now. Hidden Kisses cookies are a fun little treat that are easier to make than you would expect.  With a basic … Continue reading

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