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An easy green tea

Hey folks I am back. Definitely been an off time for me. Got hit with the flu of the season and was down for three weeks. Drank a lot of tea to help hydrate me. Now as the title says … Continue reading

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recipe: Pumpkin pie lip scrub

Yup a third in the string of lip scrub recipes. I thought about holding off till the holidays roll around again but you know this just smells and tastes so good I don’t see a reason not to put it … Continue reading

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Uses for that yummy pumpkin

At this time of year most people seem to think that pumpkins are just for carving up for Halloween and then tossing in the trash. Not so say I! As a long time resident of New Hampshire and a short … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Pumpkin cookies with a treat

Okay this recipe is a lot like the oatmeal raisin cookies I have put up before but when it comes to YUMMY you really can’t beat these.  They are moist and chewy and tasty, just what you want in a … Continue reading

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